Trees are our Passion

Welcome to ATTS Group Inc-
Yard Whispers

” The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wildernessJohn Muir

Yard Whispers by ATTS Group Inc stands as a leading edge consultancy in tree, arboriculture, urban forestry and agroforestry services, dedicated to fostering sustainable management of trees and forests on both public and private lands

Our ethos is rooted in a profound passion for trees, underpinned by a practical and innovative approach to tree and forest management. Anchored in 28 years of hands-on experience, we merge formal knowledge with continuous learning to uphold a solid foundation.

Yard Whispers is wholly owned subsidiary of ATTS Group Inc.

black and white image of trees with man and child under it

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

― Warren Buffett


ATTS Group Inc- Yard Whispers offer reliable, practical and innovative tree and forestry consulting and advisory services to the following clients: private and institutional tree/forest owners, land developers, residential and property managers, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), golf course industry, educational institutions  and international agro-forestry projects managers.

Trees on golf course fairway

Golf Courses and Country Clubs

We bring innovative golf course tree management services to superintendents and managers

pathway lead to urban forest

Municipalities and Communities

We offer full range of sustainable forestry management services to municipal leaders and managers to make informed decision

Homeowners Associations

Land Developers

We provide full range of consulting services for tree preservation and assessment, tree inventory, urban planning prior to, during, and after development

Public speaking

Educational Institutions

We provide teaching and training services by sharing vast knowledge and experience in every aspect of trees and forestry

Hand, pruner, branch

Residential & property managers

Our highly experienced ISA Certified Arborist offers a wide range of consulting services

Forage croop between walnut trees

Agro-forestry Projects

Our Canadian and international experience and knowledge will assist you in the development of agro-forestry systems projects.