Agro-forestry Systems

“Where two worlds come together”

Our Services

Agro-forestry systems is unique system where two  worlds come together – agriculture and forestry combining into environmentally, socially and economically  landuse. The concept of Agro-forestry systems is the planting of perennial trees and/or shrubs with annual agriculture crops or forages, have been developed as more environmentally, alternative systems for agricultural and forestry production in both temperate and tropical regions of the world.

Our Canadian and international experience and knowledge in agriculture and forestry operations will assist you in the development of agro-forestry systems projects. We are offering our clients services where they will gain exceptional knowledge and opportunities for sustainable, diverse and profitable multi-land use project. We offer reliable and practical consulting and advisory services to the following clients:

  • Canadian and International agricultural producers, local communities to environmental groups,  and forestry communities
  • NGO and research organizations
  • All levels of government and business corporations

We are proud partner with Alberta Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society

River with soil erosion and trees in background

You will be able to obtain following agroforestry services:

  • Pre-feasibility study assessment
  • Program design and development
  • Design and develop techniques for agro-forestry systems
  • Natural habitat restoration for biodiversity
  • Development of Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • Building a program that fosters public trust and community involvement
  • Evaluate economic, social and environmental impact of agro-forestry systems
  • Marketing research and business plan development
  • Training, extension and education program development
  • Investment attraction to your projects

Our area of expertise

Agro-forestry systems will increase agriculture yield, improve soil and water ecosystems.It also enhance environmental, social, and economic values, and improve land resilience from the impact of climate change. We offer expert services in the following areas of agro-forestry:

  • Shelterbelts and windbreaks
  • Natural habitat restoration for biodiversity
  • Riparian area establishment and management
  • Afforestation and intensive tree plantation establishment and management
  • Small family forest (woodlands) tree management
  • Silvipasture practices
  • Development of wood-value added opportunities
Rows of hybrid poplar trees with white spruce in understory