“Energy from biomass”

Wood Biomass to bioenergy

We provide reliable and proven technical advice and consulting services to communities and businesses who consider wood biomass as their source of energy production. Our professionals have decades of deep insights and experience in wood biomass and wood waste to energy projects. We will bring in your renewable biomass energy project on time and on budget.

  • Bioenergy pre-feasibility assessment

  • Technology evaluations

  • Wood fuel supply and logistic analysis

  • Project management development

  • Business and market research assessment

  • Government grant application service

  • Government relationship and process guidance

  • Assist in legal requirements process

  • Develop bioenergy strategies

wood biomass

Wood Pellets

There are several fuel types: pellets, wood chips, sawdust, biochar

Wood Waste Management

Waste is a COMMODITY. Our services will look into a range of possibilities to turn waste into a commodity instead of a liability. We specialize in advising and consulting services for waste producers and managers, financial institutions, recycling and waste industry leaders.  Our experienced and trained staff will provide the following services

  • Develop business proposition values for wood waste

  • Pre-feasibility studies on the use of waste

  • Government grant application service

  • Government relationship and process guidance

  • Alternative fuel and energy options

  • Develop waste strategies for 4R – Reduce, recycle, reduce and recover

  • Market analysis – local, national or international

Bio-Fuel Wood

Wood Recycling at the landfill