Salt Tolerant Trees and Shrubs species for Alberta

Toso Bozic

Toso Bozic

Tree/Forestry Expert

Planting and choosing salt tolerant trees and shrubs species along roads and driveways requires an additional consideration due to potential salt damages and injuries that will occurring during their lifetime. Trees affected by salt will have stunned appearance and reduce growth as well as many will succumb due to higher doze of salt in soil or on trees itself. It is very important to plan ahead and plant trees that are best suited to handle higher amount of salt that they can be exposed. You must understand biology, growth, and site requirements for each species planted along roads or driveways.

Where to plant salt tolerant species

It is crucial to plant more salt tolerant species along roads and driveways as they will protect less salt tolerant species from salt damages. Less winter hardy plants are more susceptible to salt injuries. If you plant trees along very busy roads start with salt tolerant shrubs as first line of defense; following salt tolerant trees and further away the trees that at least salt tolerant. Little planning ahead will save you a lot of headache down the road and will allow you have a long lasting shelterbelts/trees around your property.

Be Aware

It is important to keep in mind that all species of plants, shrubs and trees are affected by salt; some are able to tolerate greater salt levels than others but it will still affect them. There is NO tree or shrubs suitable for high and extremely high saline soils or in area where annual road de-icing or dust control will accumulate high level of salt in soil.  Some of these trees and shrub species can be very invasive and it is crucial to check with local authorities if you can plant some of very invasive shrubs and trees on your property.

What To Choose

Trees and shrubs rated to salt tolerance as high, medium and low:

How Can We Help?

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