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Turf is king when comes to golf course but trees are significant component and play major roles in the game. Trees are either loved or cursed by golfers and golf superintendents.  Our approach is to increase the value and performance of the trees while improving game experience and enjoyment on the golf grounds. Our ISA Certified Arborist will provide exceptional services for golf courses and country clubs

Tree management - Benefits to Golf Courses

Tree Risks Assessments: Trees can pose risks to people, infrastructure and properties if they are not properly assessed. We will use ISA- Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) principles and guides to evaluate potential hazards and the risks to users and property owners.

Tree inventory: The first step is to conduct an inventory of the trees on the golf course. A tree inventory is the gathering of accurate information on the health, vigor and tree diversity on your golf course.  As result of the tree inventory, golf course managers will better understand the management options to reduce the cost of maintenance. Tree inventory will also outline the environmental benefits of trees to the game and the land

Golf fairway with mature trees shading greens

Tree maintenance plan: The purpose of a long term maintenance plan is to ensure that trees are surviving, healthy and vigorous while adding functions to the game. The goal of the plan is to reduce the maintenance cost.  The plan will outline the following:

  • Roots and Irrigation issues
  • Tree pruning schedules
  • Future construction development requirements
  • Strategies and recommendations

Tree Health Care plan: Insect and diseases together with environmental issues pose significant challenges to the health, vigor and survival of trees. We specializes in identification and advise for possible treatment of most insect and disease problems your trees may be experiencing. Our tree specialist will emphasize the preventative measures for long term tree protection but also develop a plan for immediate actions including:

  • Insect, disease and abiotic ID
  • Develop monitoring and detection system of serious tree pests
  • Develop management options and strategies for pest control
Golfer hitting ball on fariway among mature pines

Training and education: Investing in staff training is crucial for execution of any of these plans. Without proper staff training, implementation of any of these strategies and recommendations may not achieve great results. Training is a continuous process and requires not just book learning but also hands on and field experience.

Tree Selection: We have developed a comprehensive list of tree species specifically for the golf course industry, based on rigorous research and publication literature reviews. We focus on a great diversity of genus and species for your selection. We will choose the“right tree, right place” for you.